Introduction of BGMI Apk

Welcome, friends, to the 1.6.0. update of BGMI Apk (Battlegrounds Mobile India), directly maintained by KRAFTON.

Many valuable features and enjoyable events have been included on 1.6.0. update of BGMI Apk (Battlegrounds Mobile India). Your favorite modes will be entering in EvoGround as soon as possible. Get ready for a Reunion with your teammates with Metro Royale, and it’s released on 28th September, so prepare to board the hype train! Also, Along with Titan’s Last Stand! We are ready, are you?

The stunning Flora Menace mode is available to the 1.6.0 update of Battlegrounds. There are lovely new surprises in the Royal Pass. There is a brunch of recent events waiting for you. You can also join in events to win some fantastic rewards.

So what are you waiting for? That’s time for calling your friends to jump into the battlegrounds today! You can go solo, duo, or you can make a squad with your friends to reply to the call of duty and catch your enemies head-on.

Who to download Battlegrounds Mobile India? Don worry India, I will provide a download link, and by following some simple steps, you will be able to download this app easily.

What is BGMI Apk?

Battlegrounds Mobile India is 2nd most downloaded game on the google play store in 2021, and it is a popular multiplayer battle royale game. BGMI Apk was supported on android, ios and PC also. So you can enjoy this game on any device that you have.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is an officially authorized battle and mobile survival game based on the famous battle royale concept where 100 players parachute into a battlefield and Conflict with each other and combat your enemies head-on until the last man is standing.

There are four significant stages (Classic, Arena, Arcade, VS A1) on battel ground. Metro Royle is rejoined in our battleground, so I am ready to ride on Metro hype, are you? Five individual maps (Livik, Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, Karakin) are in classic mode. Players jump by parachute into an island and battle until the last man is standing. Erangel is my favorite map, your? Comment below which one is your favorite map.

Five training Arena modes (Team Deathmatch, Arena training, Gun Game, Domination Town, Assault Ruins) are in Arcade Mode. Two maps (VS A1 Easy and VS A1 Normal) are in VS A1 mode.

Application Name Battlegrounds Mobile India
GenreAction, battle royale, Adventure
File TypeAPK
File Size742 MB
Developer KRAFTON Inc.
Information about BGMI apk

ALL NEW At BGMI Apk (Battlegrounds Mobile India)

New mods, events, and mind-blowing features have come in the 1.6.0 update of BGMI Apk (Battlegrounds Mobile India).

Krafton has been given a new Flora Menes flavor on the classic battlefield map (Livik, Erangel, Sanhok) and some Chefs’ taste into the Royale Pass this update. That makes you alluring, so what are you remaining for? Just click on the download key and experience the feeling of battle royal. 

Incredible Flora Menace Theme Mode will be available on Erangel at launch and expand to Livik and Sanhok next month. Flora Menace has overrun parts of Erangel, creating life barriers to regenerate health and spawning nano cores to loot. The all-new Cell-Matrix will only be possible on Erangel, which allows for a moshpit for you to go facing your enemies and take them out! Once three revives are over, Then you will return to your favourite battlefield.

In the 1.6.0 update of Battlegrounds, Krafton also has a load of all new events, including Moon Rabbit missions and imminent Dussehra events, with a great type of rewards on offer. At the same time, the Royale Pass Month is Based on unique taste. Chef’s flavours are making you some fantastic new outfits from the Cyber Kitchen on the new battleground. We cannot wait for you to experience the all-new Battlegrounds!

New features of BGMI Apk

New Vehicle: In the new 1.6.0. update of Bgmi Apk, A new vehicle has been included. The G38 Gravity-free Bike is the new Transport. It is so easy to ride, and This car runs depending on gravity.

Awesome guns: Three new guns, The MG3 LMG, FAMAS, and MK12, are added to the BGMI apk. The new Specialty of The MG3 LMG is:

  • This gun supports 6X scope.
  • Ammunitions of 7.62mm have on this gun.
  • This gun has two modes, the fast one is 660 rpm For burst mode, and the Second is 990 rpm for automatic mode.

Ignition Mode: Ignition Mode is also added in the new version of BGMI Apk. the gameplay is more satisfying with this mode, and its lots of features a hot map from Erangel.

Metro Royals mode: KRAFTON has including the Metro Royals mode on our battlegrounds.

Fps for low-end devices: A framerate of 90 frames per second has been included to permit low graphic settings for low-end devices.

New tiers: The ACE tier has now been divided into two levels, the fast one is Ace Master, and the Second is Ace Dominator.

Toss Medical Aids: this feature is so helpful for a player in battlegrounds. You can throw Medical Aids to your teammates.

This feature is so cool. I like this, and its many times helps me in a match.

Screenshorts of those features

new Gravity free Bike is available on BGMI apk
Anti-gravity motorycle
The new MG3 LMG is avaiable on BGMI apk
New MG3 LMG gun
New Ignition Mode is rejoined on BGMI apk
New Ignition Mode
Ace Master and Ace Dominator is added on BGMI apk
Ace Master and Ace Dominator tiers
throwing Medical Aids feature is active on BGMI apk
Throwing Medical Aids feature
the low graphic settings are available on low-end devices
The low graphic settings
the metro royale mode was readded on BGMI Apk
The metro royale mode

Why would you like BGMI APK?

Fast of all, BGMI APK (Battlegrounds Mobile India) is one of the best multiplayer battle royal games. This multiplayer game is safe to play because All its essential information is stored in India. Also, it has an age restriction feature, and No Teenage player can play this game for more than two hours. KRAFTON sanction low graphic settings for low-end devices, so all players can play this game on any device.

What are you waiting for? Just click the Download button and install the game and enjoy with your friends. Comment on which feature you like and how you like playing games.

How to bgmi apk download

Step 1. Quickly click the download button (it is a link shortener) and then redirect to a website. (for download)
step 2. After the redirect, wait 8 seconds and click “click here to continue” (for download)
step 3. Then wait a few seconds, scroll down and click continue (for download)
Step 4. After clicking the button, click “get link” for download.


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Disclaimer: This post is not associated with the Official Game by any means. This is a Fan-Made Third-Party post, Our Aim to Provide the BGMI apk to every gamer who doesn’t avail to install it from Google Play Store. 

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